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Air conditioning service in Modesto CA

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Northern California gets hot during the summer months. You rely on your home air conditioner to keep you cool. Be In Comfort can assist you if your AC stops working or if it's finally time to invest in home air conditioning.

Modesto homeowners can get air conditioning repair, replacements, and maintenance services from Be In Comfort. We can also repair, replace, or maintain mini-split A/C units. Find out more about AC repair and related services by visiting our AC services page.

Modesto Furnace Services

Northern California can get very cold in the winter months. Of course, your home heater is what keeps you warm.

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Be In Comfort provides Modesto homeowners with furnace installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair services.

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Heating contractor Be In Comfort provides furnace service in Modesto CA

Modesto Heat Pump Service

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Heat pump contractor Be In Comfort provides heat pump service to Modesto CA

Heat pumps keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Because they're used so much throughout the year, your heat pump can stop working properly and make your home uncomfortable.

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Be In Comfort provides Modesto homeowners with heat pump installation, replacement, repair and maintenance services.

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Modesto Water Heater Services

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Water heater contractor and plumber Be In Comfort provides gas, electric, and tankless water service in Modesto CA

When the water heater fails, everyone in the home will be affected.

It's an integral part of daily home life, but it's typically something we take for granted.

However, if you only have cold water, everything can stop, from washing dishes to washed clothes to bathing.

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Modesto HVAC Zoning Services

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A zone heating and cooling system allows you to have different temperatures in different areas of your home.

Zoned heating and cooling can help you save money and provide more comfort in your home (also called Zone HVAC, Zone AC and HVAC Zoning Controllers).

Be In Comfort provides Modesto homeowners with zone HVAC and AC installation services. 

Learn more on our zoned HVAC system page.

Modesto Smart Thermostats

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Smart thermostat convenience.

Smart thermostats let you control and monitor the temperature of your home using any smart device.

A smart thermostat can be controlled from anywhere, from your couch to the other side of the world,

You can reduce your energy costs by using a smart thermostat.

Be In Comfort installs smart thermostats in Modesto homes. We also offer legacy thermostat replacement and installation services.

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About Modesto California

Modesto is located in Stanislaus County in California. It is also the county seat for Stanislaus County. It is home to over 218,000 people in 2020. It is located along State Route 99 between the cities of Manteca and Turlock.

Modesto is located within the Central Valley, approximately 68 miles south of Sacramento and 90 mi north of Fresno. It is located 40 miles north of Merced in California, 92 mi , east of San Francisco, 66 mile, west of Yosemite National Park and 24 miles south from Stockton. Modesto has been named a Tree City USA multiple times.

The area is surrounded with rich farmland. Stanislaus County is sixth in California for farm production. It also hosts Gallo Family Winery which is the largest family-owned winery within the United States. The county's agricultural output was nearly $3.1 billion in 2011, thanks to milk, almonds and chickens as well as walnuts and corn silage. Modesto's farm-to-table movement is as important in Modesto as it is in the Central Valley.

Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index 2011 surveyed 1,000 people about their finances, jobs, and emotional well-being. Modesto was ranked 126 among the 190 cities that were surveyed. Forbes ranked Modesto 48th among 100 "Best Bang for the Buck Cities" in December 2009. Modesto was ranked 8th for housing affordability and travel times, but also ranked as 86th for job forecast growth and 99th for foreclosures.


The original stop at Modesto on the railroad that connected Sacramento and Los Angeles was the City of Modesto. Modesto, which was established in 1870 by William C. Ralston, was originally to be called Ralston. Ralston was modest and asked for another name. The town was named "Modesto" (Spanish for "modest") to honor his modesty.

Modesto had more than 1,000 inhabitants in 1884. The town was surrounded by fields of grain and the Tuolumne River, which is used for grain barges. It also had railroad traffic. The foothills were home to dams that provided irrigation water. This allowed for the growth of vegetable and fruit-nut fields. Modesto had a population of more than 4500 people by 1900. During World War II the area supplied canned goods, powdered dairy, eggs, and cans to the US armed forces as well as the Allies. Modesto's population increased by two percent each year over the next several decades to more than 100,000 in 1980 and more than 200,000 in 2001.

On the Modesto Arch in downtown Modesto, the city's motto is "Water Wealth Contentment and Health." It is also featured on postcards and photographs. In 1911, a contest was held to select the motto. The winner received a $3 prize. The original winning motto, "Nobody has Modesto's goat", was eventually rejected by the town officials. Modesto's motto, "The land gets water, the bankers gain wealth, the cows are contentment and the farmers get health," is often spoofed.


The city is situated on the Tuolumne River at the Stanislaus River. However, there is no port available for oceangoing vessels due to its shallow depths and a small dam that can be found on the Tuolumne River close to Highway 99. There is also Dry Creek in Modesto, which is aptly named Dry Creek. It is located adjacent to Modesto's parks, but is heavily polluted from agricultural runoff. Due to private property rights and fences, most streams and rivers are not open to the public. Within the city limits, there are no public boat ramps and docks.

Despite the high temperatures of summer, swimming in creeks and rivers is not allowed by local ordinance. There are many points of public access to rivers and lakes around Waterford. The government granted this access as part of a plan to install hydroelectric power dams upstream for flood control, irrigation and electric power generation. Port of Stockton is the nearest open seaport. It's used by oceangoing vessels that transport goods from California, including cement, fertilizer and agricultural products.


Modesto is classified as a hot semiarid climate (BSh), according to the Koppen climate classification. Modesto has mild winters and moderate rainfall. It also experiences long, hot, dry, warm summers. The average January temperature ranges from 56 degrees during the day to 40 degrees at night. The majority of the rain falls in winter, with an average annual rainfall of 13.2 inches. Many streets flood in winter rainstorms because the city doesn't have a storm sewer system.

The average July temperature ranges from 95 degrees F during the day to 63 degrees F at night. In the summer months, there may be several days with temperatures above 100 degrees on consecutive days. People with weak constitutions and who don't pay attention to the dangers of heatstroke can be exposed to health risks. These high temperatures are moderated somewhat by the onshore breezes, also known locally as "delta breeze" and cooler air arriving after 8 or 9 PM on summer nights.


According to the 2010 United States Census, Modesto had a total population of 201.165. 5,423.4 people lived per square mile. Modesto's racial composition was 130,833 (6.0%) White, 8,396 (4.2% African American), 2,494 (1.2% Native American), 13,557 (66.7%) Asian (1.5% Filipinos, 1.3% Asian Indians, 1.2% Cambodians, 1.2% Vietnamese, 1.2% Cambodians, 1.2% Vietnamese, 1.2% Vietnamese, 0.5% Laotian), 0.2% Korean, 0.1% Hmong 0.1% Pakistani), 1,924 (0.0% Pacific Islander), 31,244 (6.3%) from other races) and 12,717 (6.3%) of two or more than one. The number of Hispanics or Latinos of any race was 71,381 (35.5%), which included 30.8% Mexican, 0.7% Puerto Ricans, 0.6% Salvadorans, 0.5% Spaniards, 0.5% Nicaraguan, 0.3% Nicaraguan and 0.2% Guatemalan. Non-Hispanic whites accounted for 49.4% in 2010 compared to 83.1% in 1980.

The Census reported that 198,210 people (98.5% of the population) lived in households, 1,189 (0.6%) lived in non-institutionalized group quarters, and 1,766 (0.9%) were institutionalized.

There were 69.107 households. Of these, 33.230 (39.3%), 33.230 (48.1%) and 10,774 (15.6%), were married couples living together. 4,904 (7.1%) contained a male householder without a wife. 5,177 were unmarried (7.5%) 15,887 households (23.0%), were composed of individuals. 6,221 (9.0%), had someone living alone who was 65 or older. The average household size was 2.87. There were 48.908 families, which is 70.8% of all households; the average family size was 3.38.

The population was distributed with 54,012 people (26.8%), 20,838 people (10.4%), 53,116 people (26.4%) age 25 to 44, 49.691 people (24.7%) age 45 to 64, and 23,508 persons (11.7%) 65 years or older. The median age was 34.2. There were 95.0 males for every 100 females. There were 91.5 males for every 100 females over 18 years old.

At an average density of 2,023.2/square mile there were 75,044 housing units. Of these, 39,422 (57.0%) were owned-occupied and 29,685 (44.3%) were occupied renters. The homeowner vacancy rate stood at 2.8%, while the rental rate was 9.1%. 112,065 people (55.7%) lived in owner-occupied housing units, while 86.145 people (42.8%) lived within rental housing units.

The median income of a household in the area was $49,852, while that of a family was $56,629. According to the 5-Year American Community Survey estimate for 2011, the median income was $56,629. The median income for males was $47,473, while that of females was $37,629 The city's per capita income was $22,886. The poverty line was reached by 14.9% of households and 18.5% population, which includes 27.3% of children under 18 years old and 9.5% of people 65 and older.

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research published a September 2010 study showing that 32% of the population is obese, compared to a state-wide average of 22.7%. One of the contributing factors to high obesity rates was poverty.


Modesto's fertile farmland is the foundation of a large agricultural sector. Modesto is home of the E & J Gallo Winery, the largest winery worldwide. Gallo Winery's Gallo Glass Company is the largest wine bottle manufacturer in the world. Stanislaus County residents are provided with thousands of jobs in the office and manufacturing sector by the company. Foster Farms Dairy and Royal Robbins are other major privately-owned companies located in Modesto. They include Acme Construction and Acme Specialty, International Award Winner Fiscalini Cheese and Sciabica Olive Oil. 5.11 Tactical was formerly part of Royal Robbins which is a United States brand that manufactures uniforms and tactical equipment. Canneries in downtown produce food that is shipped to Sacramento or Fresno by rail or ship. Ceres is home to a few snack and cereal factories. Modesto is home to several small-sized steelworking businesses. A number of road projects were in progress between 2008 and 2008. Roads were being built, repaved, or repaired at a cost of almost $120 million.


Modesto has higher rates of property and violent crimes than the state average. Modesto is a top-ranked US city for car theft. Modesto was ranked 1 in 2012 for car thefts per 100,000 residents, but it dropped to 3 in 2013, behind Bakersfield, Fresno, and Fresno. Modesto is home to numerous street gangs. According to the Stanislaus County Gang Intelligence Task Force, there are 5,000-10,000 gang members.


These tourist attractions and historic sites are some of the most popular in Modesto:

McHenry Mansion was built in the 1880s by Robert McHenry (a local rancher/banker). This mansion is on the National Register of Historic Places. The mansion is open for tours.

McHenry Museum is located across the street from McHenry Mansion. It contains tidbits of Modesto's past.

George Lucas Plaza – A bronze sculpture inspired by American Graffiti, George Lucas Plaza is located at Five Points, which is the intersection of McHenry Avenue and "J" Street. It's named after George Lucas, Modesto filmmaker.

Gallo Center for the Arts, a Center for the performing arts in Modesto, is located at 1000 "I" Street in downtown Modesto. It was opened in 2007.

Downtown Modesto is known for its variety of restaurants and nightlife, including three weekly farmer's market. The third Thursday of each month is the Art Walk, which features multiple venues. Maps are available.

The State Theatre - This theatre dates back to the 1920s and was renovated recently. It serves as both a performance arts center in the area and as a theater that specializes in independent and foreign movies.

John Thurman Field, a renovated stadium that houses the Modesto Nuts (single A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners) baseball team.

Graceada Park neighborhood is a collection of old homes dating back to the 1920s. It has streets lined with large shade trees planted in the city, as well as a number of parks, a bandshell, and other amenities. Graceada was named after Ada Wisecarver and Grace Beard, two local residents who promoted the idea of parks in this area. Their families donated the land to Graceada Park. John McLaren was also the designer and long-time superintendent of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.


Modesto was the birthplace of Rockabilly music when Maddox Brothers & Rose formed KTRB Radio's Maddox Brothers & Rose in 1937. The sound of "Hillbilly Boogie", featuring Fred Maddox's string-slapping percussive sound, would soon become popular and be the basis for Rockabilly. The Experience Project Museum in Seattle houses Fred Maddox's basse.

Modesto's architectural festival celebrates the city's past as a laboratory for modern architecture in the 1940s and 1950s. Four times, Museum of Modern Art publications have featured Modesto's midcentury buildings.

George Lucas, a Modesto native, was born in 1962. He graduated from Thomas Downey High School and Modesto Junior College in 1962. His 1973 award-winning film American Graffiti immortalized the city. The film, although not shot in Modesto in 1962, depicted the spirit of friendship and cruising on Modesto's 10th Street and 11th Streets in that year. It also inspired a revival in interest in 1950s pop culture. Modesto hosts Graffiti Summer every year and has the Historic Cruise Route as well as the Walk of Fame of Graffiti Legends. A series of Graffiti-themed murals and other cultural artworks are found in downtown Modesto.

Downtown Revitalization

Downtown Modesto (DOMO), has added attractions such as the Gallo Center for the Arts, and the Downtown Plaza that is adjacent to Modesto Centre Plaza. Downtown Modesto lost the Hotel Covell and the Sears Building, as well as the Strand Theatre, an art deco Strand Theatre.

The Historic Cruise Route has been designated by Modesto to include the historic streets of 11th and 10th streets, which were the original places of the cruising that was featured in American Graffiti. This walk is now a tourist route that provides information about Modesto's music and Graffiti culture.

The Walk of Fame, which features markers honoring classic legends such as Gene Winfield, George Lucas, Bart Bartoni, and Gene Winfield was inaugurated on the Historic Cruise Route in 2014.

Modesto Magazine ModestoView and Peer Recovery Art Center launched Classic Community Murals to celebrate Modesto's Classic Graffiti heritage. Many of these murals are available on the Cruise Route.

To improve facades, signage and permits, new business incentives were created. The promenade will create an entertainment area along the corridor between the Modesto Center Plaza and the Gallo Center for the Arts, and the core streets of 10th-11th and J Streets.


Modesto Nuts Minor League Baseball Club, a California League of Class A Leagues. The Seattle Mariners' Single-A affiliate, the Nuts, plays 70 home games each season.

The Modesto Relays, named in his honor after Tom Moore, is a track and field competition. At the Modesto Junior College meet, 30 world records were established.

Art and Culture

SummerFest is a music festival that takes place in Downtown. It features Chris Isaak and Hootie & the Blowfish as well as Styx, and The Doobie Brothers.

X-Fest was a Modesto 21+ music festival. Its real name was Xclamation Festival. X-Fest began in 2000 and has grown to be a large outdoor festival that covers 15 blocks. It also features the largest disco in the world, which covers four blocks. 2008 saw 50 bands perform and 15,000 people attend X-Fest. Many of the profits go to local charities. Modesto residents and business owners complain about the rowdy, often drunk Mardi Gras atmosphere at Xfest. Modesto hosted the 2015 X-fest.

Summers are marked by the revival American Graffiti, the 1973 film directed and written by George Lucas from Modesto. Lucas' 1962 film, based on his childhood memories in Modesto, paid tribute to teenage life. The importance of the film's connection has been recognized by the city, who is now preparing new tourist attractions to welcome Graffiti tourists. According to the Modesto Convention and Visitors Bureau, American Graffiti is the most popular topic for information. Graffiti Summer is an annual celebration of this event that lasts for the whole month of June. It attracts thousands of car enthusiasts and hundreds of antique and classic cars.

Downtown Modesto features the Modesto Historic Cruise Route at 10th and 11th Sts, the Legends of the Cruise Walk of Fame and the Classic Community Mural series of large-scale art celebrating American Graffiti history.

The State Theater is located in downtown Modesto and features independent films and music acts.

Downtown Modesto hosts an Art Walk monthly, where local artists display art for sale, artist demos and local gallery shows in a self-guided multi-venue tour.

Music and Performing Arts

Modesto Symphony Orchestra found its home at Gallo Center in their first performance in Modesto's 17,000-person population in 1931. They are still a fixture in the community. MoBand (Modesto Band of Stanislaus County) was established in 1919 and is one of the oldest continuously performing bands in America. With 130 volunteers musicians, the group presents a 6-week free concert-in-the park series.

Modesto also hosts Townsend Opera, which was founded in 1983 by Buck Townsend (modesto-born opera singer), and Modesto Performing Arts as well as the Gallo Centre for the Arts. Central West Ballet, the region's premier professional ballet company is also located in Modesto.

Ballet Folklorico Group "Casa Cultural Tradiciones" displays the Mexican culture and traditions. Modesto events are frequented by folklorico groups, who share their culture through traditional dance and colorful attire.

Each October, the Modesto Area Music Awards (MAMA) are held. Voting takes place online. Local radio stations and promoters nominate bands. The black tie ceremony takes place and the winners of multiple categories are awarded trophies. Also, a lifetime achievement award is presented. Chris Murphy and Chris Ricci created the MAMA's to encourage and support local musicians.


Modesto is managed by a council-manager system. The Mayor is elected at-large. The voters in each district elect the six members of the city council.

The city's most recent Comprehensive Annual Financial Report shows that revenues totaled $357,631,225, total assets totaled $1,826,668,511 and liabilities totaled $876,459.686. For fiscal year 2017-2018, the city established a policy of maintaining a General Fund reserve equal to 8% of total operating expenses. The General Fund balance at the end of fiscal year was $26,745,582 which is 22.5% of total General Fund spendings.

Modesto residents also participate in the Government of Stanislaus County, elections for Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors District 1 and the Sheriff-Coroner. These were represented by William O'Brien and Adam Christianson, Sheriff-Coroner, District Attorney Birgit Fladager and David Cogdill Sr. Auditor-Controller Lauren Klein, Treasurer–Tax Collector Gordon Ford and Clerk-Recorder Lee Lundrigan as of January 2013.

Current mayor and current council members are:

Mayor: Sue Zwahlen

Rosa Escutia Braaton, Tony Madrigal and Chris Ricci are the Council members. Jenny Kenoyer and Bill Zoslocki are also part of the council.

Modesto's California State Senate is divided between the 5th Senate District represented by Democrat Susan Eggman and the 12th Senate District represented by Democrat Anna Caballero. Modesto in the California State Assembly is divided between the 12th Assembly District represented by Republican Heath Flora and the 21st Assembly District represented by Democrat Adam Gray.

Modesto, California's 10th congressional District, is represented by Josh Harder, Democrat.


Modesto City Schools was founded in 1871 for students from the community. The current enrollment stands at 32,000. There are 23 elementary schools (K-6), 4 junior high schools (7-8), 7 comprehensive high schools (9-12), as well as an alternative education program which includes an opportunity and continuation school and independent study. Joseph Gregori High school was just completed as the seventh comprehensive high school. Modesto High School is Stanislaus County's oldest high school. It offers the International Baccalaureate Program. Other elementary schools are located within the Modesto City Schools boundaries and feed into the high school. These include Sylvan Union, Stanislaus Union, and Hart-Ransom.


MyTv26 Comcast26 Modesto/Stanislaus County. Your Independent Public Access Television Station.

KUVS Channel 19 (Univision affiliate) Modesto

Modesto's daily newspaper The Modesto Bee, published by McClatchy Company

Modestoview magazine is a monthly entertainment magazine that can be viewed online at and in print. You can pick it up at any Modesto cafes, restaurants, or offices for free.

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