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A heat pump is truly a work horse of a home. That's because they perform double duty throughout the year - providing both cold air during the hot summer months and warm air during the cold fall & winter months. Naturally, a heat pump can become worn from all of the extra usage.

We understand that you rely on your heat pump to keep you comfortable during the hot and cold months in Northern California.

You should also rely on heat pump contractor Be in Comfort can also take care of your residential heat pump problems.

That's because we've been replacing and repairing heat pumps in homes for years. You can count on us always providing 5-Star service - which is both timely and affordable.

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Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

Signs Of Heat Pump Problems

How can you tell when your heat pump needs to be inspected, repaired, or replaced? These are signs that your heat pump may be in trouble:

Heat pump is not cooling when it should be (summer months) - Heat pump is blowing lukewarm air

Heat pump making noises

Heat pump keeps tripping breaker

Heat pump keeps running

Heat pump is not working

Heat pump is not heating when it should be (fall & winter months) - Heat pump is blowing cold air

Heat pump is frozen

Heat pump leaking water

Heat pump leaking refrigerant

Heat pump smells

These are all indicators that you might need professional HVAC inspection. Our HVAC technicians are highly skilled pros and can diagnose the problem and offer honest solutions. They will also provide you with 5-Star and perform timely repairs.

Is Heat Pump Replacement The Way To Go?

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Make the right choice for your situation

Residential heat pumps are typically well-built and should provide consistent temperature and comfort control for many years. But, like all other major home appliances, they eventually wear-out over time and can breakdown.

It's possible that a simple repair might be all that's needed to get you back into comfort in your home. Be In Comfort will perform a thorough diagnostic inspection, and we'll discuss our findings with you. 

You can count on our no-fluff recommendation being exactly what you need. We can run some numbers, and you can decide on what makes the most sense for your situation.

Other Reasons To Think About Replacing Your Heat Pump

It needs frequent repairs - It is better financially to replace it if the heat pump is routinely breaking down or not working right.

You notice increasing PG&E costs - But, they are not due to a PG&E rate increase.

Your Heat Pump is older than 10 to 15 years - Conventional natural gas & electric furnaces work during the winter months, and air conditioners work during the summer months. So, for part of the year, each one is idle. But, Heat pumps work year-round, so they can wear sooner.

The manufacturer stops producing replacement parts - At a certain point in time, manufacturers stop making & stocking replacement parts for older models. Unless some HVAC parts distribution center happens to have the parts, you're out of luck. Naturally, if the parts you need are not available, it's time to replace your unit.

6 Advantages Of Having A Heat Pump System

Energy Efficient - Heat pumps use less energy than conventional gas and electric furnaces. 

Lower Energy Costs - Lower energy consumption equates to a lower energy bill.

Environment-Friendly - Since they're not burning gas (like a gas furnace does) or using as much electricity (as an electric furnace does), your in effect lowering your carbon footprint using a heat pump

Fewer Repair Calls - Modern heat pumps typically require fewer repairs when compared to combustion heating units.

Safer - Heat pumps are safer to operate because there's no combustion, so there's no toxic gases being produced that could find their way into your home.

They Cool AND Heat - Heat pumps provide heating and cooling. Besides being able to heat your home during the cold season, heat pumps can also cool your home during the hot summer months.

We're Here To Support You Whatever Your Choice

If you decide to purchase a new heat pump system for your home, you have options - including incorporating smart home thermostats and zoning your heating and cooling

The experts at Be in Comfort will help you choose the best unit for your home, budget, and specific needs.

Money-Saving Deals

Take advantage of our deals to make sure you keep more of your hard earned money.

How A Heat Pump Works

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient option to air conditioners and furnaces in all climates. Heat pumps work in the same way as a refrigerator by using electricity to transfer heat from cool spaces to warm spaces.  

Heat pumps are efficient at maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home because they transfer heat instead of creating heat.

How Heat Pumps Work During The Summer Months

Heat pumps transfer heat from inside your home to the outside during the summer months.

image of heat pump air conditioning operation

Heat pump operation during the summer months (image courtesy of EnergyStar.gov)

How Heat Pumps Work During The Fall & Winter Months

Heat pumps transfer heat from the outside into your house during the fall & winter months. 

image of heat pump heating operation

Heat pump operation during the fall & winter months (image courtesy of EnergyStar.gov)

How A Heat Pump Saves Energy

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Heat pump mounted on home

A heat pump doesn't generate heat, so it uses less energy than a traditional gas furnace or electric furnace. 

It simply moves heat from one space to another space. It moves heat from the inside to the outside during the summer months and vise versa during the fall & winter months.

Many heat pumps are efficient enough that they have been awarded the Energy Star rating.

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