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If you're wondering what an HVAC zoning system is, you're in the right place. Keep reading to find out from zone HVAC contractor Be In Comfort what a zoned system is, and learn about the benefits of having your home set-up with zoned heating and cooling.

What Is An HVAC  Zoning System?

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A zone heating and cooling system allows you to have different temperatures in different areas of your home.

A zoned HVAC system is a heating and cooling system that uses smart thermostats & motorized dampers within the house's ductwork to redirect and regulate air flow to certain rooms of your home. This allows you to create specific temperature zones in your home that are more comfortable and efficient.

Besides being more comfortable, you can rely on it helping you reduce your energy costs from 20% to 40% because it doesn't over-cool or over-heat unoccupied areas of your home.

You should also rely on Be in Comfort to install your multi-zone heating and cooling system because we've been setting them up for years. And, you can count on us always providing timely, affordable, 5-Star service.

Our HVAC Zoning System Services

Zoned HVAC Installation / Retrofit

Zone HVAC Repair and Maintenance

Signs Of Zone Problems

How do you know when can you need HVAC zone control troubleshooting and repair? The following are clues that your zone heating and cooling system may be need repairs:

Zone HVAC keeps tripping breaker

Heating or AC zone not working

Zone HVAC keeps shutting off

Zone damper not working

These are all signs that you may need professional HVAC zone inspection. Our trained technicians come with years of experience and are able to accurately diagnose the problem and provide you with an honest assessment of what needs to be done to fix your zoned system.

Is An HVAC Zoning System Right For You?

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Run the numbers to see what option makes more sense of you

A zoned HVAC system is a great option, but it's typically more expensive to install than traditional central heating and cooling systems. Multiple thermostats and motorized dampers are required for this type of system. It does, however, allow homeowners to save around 30% on their annual energy bills. It's all savings after the breakeven point.

We'll assess your home's layout, current HVAC equipment, and your reported temperature variations throughout your house. Then, well provide a no-fluff recommendation for your situation. 

5 Advantages Of Having A Zoned HVAC System

Extra Control & Comfort - Gone will be the days where parts of your home where you spend you time are either too warm or too cold. They'll be just right.

Energy Saving - Since you won't be over-heating or over-cooling areas of your home that your not using, you will be using energy more efficiently.

Reduced Energy Costs - Naturally, lower energy consumption leads to lower energy bills.

Friendly To The Environment - More efficient use of energy means you'll be using less gas and electricity - which of course is earth-friendly.

Convenience - With a new zoned HVAC system, you'll also have new smart thermostats - which will allow you to set & control temperature via an app on your smartphone - from anywhere.

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How HVAC Zoning Controls Work...

Watch the video below to see what HVAC zones are - and how they work:

So, whether you're thinking about an ac zoning system, the best HVAC zoning system, or even a zoning thermostat system,  Be In Comfort has you covered. Get ahold of us today to discuss your home's situation.

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