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High-quality residential furnace installation

Naturally, we understand that you depend on your home heating system to warm you during colder months in Northern California.

You should also rely on heating contractor Be in Comfort to take care of you when your home heater & furnace system has stopped working right.

We've been repairing and replacing home furnaces for many years, and we'll bring that experience to help keep you warm and comfortable inside.

And, we'll always provide 5-Star service that is timely and reasonably priced.

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Indications Of Heater System Problems

How do you know when it's time for a home heating system inspection or repair? The following are indicators that your heating system might be in trouble:

Furnace/Heater not working

Furnace/Heater blowing cold air

Furnace/Heater not turning on

Furnace/Heater not igniting

Furnace thermostat not working

Furnace/Heater keeps blowing fuse

Furnace/Heater keeps on and off

Furnace/Heater leaking water

Furnace/Heater smells like burning

Furnace/Heater making noise

These are all signs that you may need professional HVAC service. Our technicians are skilled and will diagnose the exact problem, offer no-fluff solutions with you, give you a quote that you can trust, and then perform a timely repair.

Is Furnace Replacement A Better Choice?

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Run the numbers to see what option makes more sense of you

It certainly could be. A home furnace/heater usually lasts between 15-20 years.

It will typically lose efficiency over time and require more maintenance and repairs.

It's usually a good idea to replace the heater with a more efficient, newer model.

You Might Also Consider Replacing Your Heater When:

It requires frequent repairs - It is more sensible to replace the heater if it is routinely breaking down, malfunctioning or requiring repairs.

Energy costs are rising, but not because of a PG&E rate increase - Another sign that a replacement is needed soon is that you're noticing rising heating costs that are not the result of an energy rate increase. You will pay more for heating if your unit as it continues to lose efficiency. Then, you be looking at buying a new one anyway.

Making strange noises - A furnace typically requires more repairs in the final two years of it's life. Perhaps, you're hearing loud noises, hissing, humming, thumping, or clicking noises.

Unavailability of replacement parts - As furnace/heating systems age over time, the manufacturer typically stops making the replacement parts at a certain point. Then, it's down to local HVAC suppliers that likely won't have the part you need and may not be able to source it elsewhere. It's time for you to replace your unit if the service parts are no longer available.

6 Advantages Of Having A Modern Heating System

Use Less Energy - The new heating systems are very energy efficient. They run less and consume less energy. Naturally, this results in lower energy bills.

Breathe Cleaner Air - Modern heating systems have brand new, clean components, as well as improved air filters. Of course, this affects the air you are breathing. 

Quicker Comfort - Since new heater systems are more efficient, they are able to quickly heat your home to your chosen thermostat setting. Plus, you'll typically find your home heating up more evenly with a more efficient system.

Hassle-Free Operation - A new furnace will likely not need a repair for many years to come.

Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Dated furnace systems with older piping can unfortunately become a carbon monoxide hazard just waiting to happen. In any case, be sure to have an carbon monoxide detector with a fresh set of batteries.

Better For The Environment - Consuming less energy puts less demand of the supply of energy. And, that's good for the environment.

However you choose to proceed, we're available to assist you.

There are several options available when you decide that a new home heating system is the best option for you. Some homeowners prefer gas furnaces, while others prefer electric furnaces.

To ensure you're making a well-informed choice, be sure to also take a look at heat-pumps as a way of both heating and cooing your home.

Another option to consider is having a zoned HVAC system in your home. Zoning allows you dial-in the comfort for the different areas of your home, and it helps you save on your energy bills.

Be in Comfort experts will help you select the right unit for your environment, budget, and needs.

Money-Saving Deals

Be sure to keep some of your hard-earned money by taking advantage of our money-saving deals.

How Important Is Furnace Maintenance?

The efficiency of your heating system can make a huge difference in how it works. Here are some reasons.

Regular maintenance and inspections will help ensure your heater system is reliable for many years. It can also reduce your monthly energy costs. Be in Comfort offers routine inspections and maintenance services to help reduce heating costs as well as extend the life of your furnace system.

Scheduling routine furnace maintenance is important.

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